Hike the Lycian Way:
from Oludeniz to Faralya

12 km

Of the trail
6 hours

Wwith stops for photos and lunch break
580 meters

Up and down
If you search on Google for the Lycian Way, you will definitely see this picture as it is one of the most popular and beautiful parts of the trail. There is also the start of the trail, where everyone takes pictures.

How to get to the trail
You can arrive in Fethiye by bus from Antalya or Dalaman. Both cities have airports. When you arrive in Fethiye, you can also visit Kayakoy ancient city, and the Amyntas tombs which are also located right in Fethiye.

To proceed to the trail, you need to take a local bus from Fethiye to Oludeniz. You can tell the driver ''Lykia yolu'' and they will stop the bus at the closest place to the trail, even if there is no bus stop. You need to get to this place, this is where the sign is.

You can also visit Oludeniz beach and start hiking from there, but in that case, you will miss that Lycian Way arch.
Useful information
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Water on the way:
  1. Waterpoint near Babadag foot and camping area: it might be not working in September - October.
  2. I do not remember this or this water point was working in November just fine, so you can refill your water on the way or while camping nearby.
  3. There is Sugar cafe, where you can also refill your water bottle or buy a new one.
  4. I did not pay attention to the rest of the water points, but on this part of the trail, you won't get thirsty at any time of the year.

Grocery stores on the way:
  1. In Oludeniz itself or in Fethiye.
  2. There is Halip's cafe, but there was nothing actually when we came.
  3. Again, Sugar cafe in Kirme, where you can enjoy food cooked in the cafe or buy cookies/beans/whatever in their shop. It does not have a wide variety of food, but it had instant noodles, cookies, chocolate, and stuff like that.
  4. Market in Faralya with a very limited variety of food. There is pasta, tomato paste, walnuts, some other nuts, beer, water, and some other soft drinks being sold. It is open until around 7 or 8 in the evening.
  5. There are restaurants in Faralya where you can dine, but they might be closed depending on the season, most of them were closed in November.

Camping spots:
  1. Good one, enough for several tents. There is a waterpoint nearby. When we were there, it was occupied by cows.
  2. I did not pay attention to this camping spot, but the area around is quite flat and there is a water spring nearby too. When you hike on that part of the Lycian Way, you hike on the road, so cars might drive nearby.
  3. This camping spot is also not far from the road.

Guesthouses in Faralya:
There are many guest houses in the village, but most of them close when the season is over.

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