Hike the Lycian Way:
from Kabak to Gey

14 or 10 km

Of the trail
8 hours

With stops for photos and food break
≈ 600 meters

Up and down
There are several ways to hike from Kabak to Gey. The first option is to hike along the Lycian Way, which is marked on the way white-red and the second option is to hike along Fethiye alternative way, which is marked yellow-red. The Lycian Way goes up after Kabak village through Alinca village. The Fethiye Way goes along the seashore, and after you leave Kabak there will be no villages on the way.

I hiked only along the Lycian Way from Kabak to Gey. I also checked what is the alternative way like on one part of the trail.

In my opinion, the alternative way might be way safer, because in one place the Lycian Way lies right next to a precipice. You can read about it below.

The Lycian Way
First, you need to reach Alinca village. Generally, it is a 6.5-kilometer hike from Kabak up the hill :-/
Water / camping spots / markets on the way from Kabak to Alinca
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Water on the way: nothing in November. There are waterpoints marked on Maps.Me, but they were dry in November. They might be full in spring.
But there is this place where you can purchase water right on the trail. It is a self-service little "market", where you can buy water, Coca-Cola, Fanta, tea, and coffee. We were out of the water by the time we reached this place and it really saved our souls. The picture of this place is below. It was also rainy and this place is covered by a tent. We had a wonderful rest and a few cans of Coca-Cola.
We did not take a full picture of this entire place, but this is truly heaven on Earth! :)
Grocery stores on the way:
  1. that little "market" is the only place where you can purchase drinks. There is no food available, unfortunately.
  2. Grocery market in Alinca: it has a small variety of food. You can find noodles, canned beans, bread, some nuts, and other good stuff, but do not expect too much. I guess it is open until 7-9 pm, but the owner of the market lives nearby.

Camping spots:
  1. Good one, enough for several tents.
  2. Camping spot right next to that little "market".

Guesthouses in Alinca:
There are some guesthouses. I think this place gets more and more popular so by the time when we were the accommodation cost was pricey.

Finally, some more pictures taken on this trail before Alinca:
After you reached Alinca, there is just one reasonable way to continue the way. This is where it might be a bit scary for some of you. When we were there it was very windy at that part of the trail, which lies just next to a precipice. This part of the trail starts right after Alinca and lasts for about 800 meters.
After you finish this part of the trail, the rest is just regular.
Water / camping spots / markets on the way from Alinca to Gey
The links are working only if you have Maps.Me installed on your phone.

Water on the way:
  1. There was no water in November.
  2. You could get water from Turkdomes glamping.
  3. We did not find a waterpoint here, but there is a market where you can buy it.
Grocery stores on the way: the only market we have seen in this one in Gey. It does not have a very wide variety of food, but they have water, coke, wine, instant noodles, cookies, and some other stuff. We were there around 5-6 pm and it was open.

Camping spots:
  1. You can camp here, next to Turkdomes glamping. They also offer covered areas for camping at an additional fee.
  2. I would say the area on the way to Gey is quite flat with many possibilities for camping, but there is no water, so I would say camping next to Turkdomes is the best option.

  1. Turkdomes glamping. We liked this place a lot :)
  2. There is a very simple guesthouse in Gey.
  3. Yediburunlar Lighthouse hotel: they have quite pricey rooms with an amazing view. They also have economy rooms at an average price. You can stay there a minimum of 2 nights and they are closed from October until May.

Some more picture on the way from Alinca to Gey:
Alternative way
There are actually 2 alternative ways. You could hike this way:
We did not try it. It looks shorter and still from Kabak to Alinca it is all way long up the hill.

We were choosing between the Lycian Way and the way close to the seashore (screenshot below). We decided to go along the Lycian Way because there is a strange comment about the alternative way:
We saw a fair altitude gain and thought it might be necessary to climb with the rope or the trail will be next to a precipice again.

And when we departed from Alinca village along the Lycian Way, we were passing by that place so we decided to see what it is like. We left our backpacks and went down to the beach.

We figured out that this is just a regular way. It is very safe compared to that part of the Lycian Way after Alinca. This is what it was mostly like:
Next time we will definitely hike the alternative way from Kabak to this place, and you might also prefer this way if you have fear of heights. Or you can also try this way with a chance to visit Alinca and Turkdomes glamping.

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