Hike the Lycian Way:

from Gey to Bel

6 km

Of the trail
3 hours

With stops for photos and food break
≈ 230 meters

Up and down
The Lycian Way from Gey to Bel is very beautiful and I would say just regular.
Water / camping spots / markets
The links are working only if you have Maps.Me installed on your phone.

Water on the way: nothing in November between Gey and Bel. There might be water in this place during spring. There is a cafe in Bel where you can refill your bottle or buy a new one.

Grocery stores on the way: nothing, only in Bel or Gey.

Camping spots:
1. There is a lot of flat land around this area but for us, it was not comfortable to stay there.
2. This is a camping spot in a fantastic place, but it was very windy when we were there, so we decided to keep going. A picture of that place is below.
3. Better camping spot protected from the wind, but just for one small tent. It is not marked on Maps.Me, but that is where we stayed.

Guesthouses in Bel:
There is a guesthouse in Bel but I did not check it.

Some more pictures from this part of the Lycian Way:

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