Hike the Lycian Way:
from Faralya to Kabak

4.8 or 6.7 km

Of the trail
2-3 hours

With stops for photos and lunch break
280 meters

Up and down
There are 2 ways to hike from Faralya to Kabak. The first option is to hike along the Lycian Way, which is marked on the way white-red and the second option is to hike Fethiye alternative way, which is marked yellow-red. I hiked both ways, below I will describe each of them.
The red thick line is the Lycian Way and the rose light line is Fethiye alternative way
Fethiye alternative way
This trail goes closer to the sea and it is more difficult than the Lycian Way part of the trail. In the beginning, you need to climb up using a rope on some parts of the steep trail. If it is rainy mind wet stones, this part becomes more dangerous.
But after this part of the trail is over you get to see beautiful scenery. The rest of the way is very comfortable, it lies along the forest. The sea is very close but we did not see any place where we could swim before we reached Kabak.
Water / camping spots / markets
The links are working only if you have Maps.Me installed on your phone.

Water on the way: there was no water on the way. There is a waterpoint marked on Maps.Me but it was not working in November.

Grocery stores on the way: there is nothing until Kabak.

Camping spots:
  1. Good one, enough for several tents. No water nearby.
  2. The is another camping spot on Kabak beach but some people say they were not allowed to put their tent on it.

Guesthouses in Kabak:
There are many guest houses in the village, but most of them close when the season is over.

Finally, some more pictures taken on this trail:

The Lycian Way
It is more comfortable compared to the Fethiye Way. You go far away from the sea, but this allows to see a stunning panorama of the area.
Water / camping spots / markets
Links will be working on your phone only if you have Maps.Me installed.

Water on the way: we did not see working waterpoints on the way even though they are marked on Maps.Me. Maybe next time we will pay more attention to it. You can definitely buy water in Faralya and Kabak, so this should be enough for hiking, but might be not sufficient for camping.

Grocery stores on the way: there is nothing between these villages. I am not sure if there are markets in Kabak, there are mostly hotels.

Camping spots:
  1. Very nice camping spot, enough for several tents. The view is breathtaking, the photo will be below (the one with wine glasses).
  2. If you keep going along the Lycian Way, there is enough room for camping around this area (the photo with a tent below).
  3. We did not pay attention to the rest of the camping spots on the way.

Guesthouses in Kabak:
There are many guest houses in the village, but most of them close when the season is over.

Pictures from this part of the trail:
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